Thursday, October 14, 2004

The third and final debate

I'll have to say this about John Kerry. Not only now am I personally offended by his comments but am discusted with him. His stance on homosexuality and abortion are just flat out liberal. Before I go any farther on the matter though I would like to clarify that I do not hate homosexuals. You will get no bashing from this blog. I don't believe anyone calling themsleves a Christian should hate homosexuals or anyone else for that matter. My God does not hate homosexuals and I don't believe we have any business hating anyone that God loves. It's not the person but the actions we do not like. This is the same stance God takes. He loved us enough in our sin to let Jesus die for us. That being said I will get back to Sen. Kerry's remarks. Mistaken remark #1, "we are all God's children". No we're not. It's true that God loves everyone equally, and Jesus died for everyone equally, however, to be called God's child you must have recieved salvation trough the blood of Jesus Christ. This is the Christian definition of a child of God. Mistaken remark #2, "Homosexuality is not a choice" I'm sorry but yes it is, in a way. It may very well be a very difficult choice to deny once you've made it. But it is a choice. In many cases homosexuality is usually the result of some sort of rejection from a respected father figure. Instead of receiving healthy male love from that father figure the homosexual has sexualized the need to for male love much like promiscuous women often do. Through Jesus Christ one can choose to reject it. Kerry said it was "the way God made them" in his speach but God will never put anything in your DNA which will cause you to sin. I'll give you a basis for why I think if you are a homosexual you can make the choice not to be. I know of a man, actually an old friend of my wife's, who was once a homosexual. He even performed in drag shows. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and stopped being homosexual. He then met and married an Ex-lesbian who had a similar experience and now they have several children. They even have a successful ministry for other Homosexuals who would like to know how they can have the same experience. Once you've made the choice to be homosexual it is a hard choice to say no to. But through the blood of Jesus you can choose to not be homosexual. The great thing about being an American is that you do have the choice. Although I support a protection on traditional marriage that does not alter my belief that as an American you have the right as a concenting adult to do anything you choose in private. Saying you don't have the choice to change your lifestyle limits you as an American and a human being. It limits you to the leve of an animal that has no choice but to follow an instinct. Of coarse you have the choice. And as an American you are free to excersize that choice. Remember the power of Christ in your life gives you freedom.

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