Saturday, June 17, 2006


Many of my fellow Christians think it's unbecoming to go to Hooters to eat. Well I decided to go, for my first time, and have decided it's no big deal depending on your struggles. While it's probably not going to become a regular place to eat for me it wasn't bad. The waitress outfits are no more revealing than a once piece bathing suit. If you've ever been to a public pool then you've seen more skin than at hooters. The waitresses in the advertisements are models. They do not depict an accurate image of the waitresses at the actual restaurant who are mostly skinny and flat chested. You see more butt cheek than you do "hooters" which is why I compare their outfits to one piece bathing suits. The food, while limited in variety, is very good. The wings are excellent and I tried the philly cheese steak. It was good. I also tried their crab legs, also excellent.

If you feel uncomfortable and blush at a public pool then Hooters will be a big deal for you. But, otherwise it's not a problem. Get your food to go if you feel the outfits inappropriate. Go for the wings. They're great!