Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Stem Cell Research

After the death of Christopher Reeves the subject of embryonic stem cell research has come up once again. May people believe that because pro-lifers are against it it means we don't care about the people who are ill or injured. This is not true. The information the political left are trying to feed you to get their vote is incorrect. Yes we believe that destroying an embryo for stem cells destroys a human life. But not just that, it destroys a human life in vein because embryonic stem cells do not work! They are known to cause tumors in lab rats and even humans who have been injected with them in other countries where the morality of it is not in question. Both embryos and adults die from this research.
Embryonic stem cells also suffer the same rejection from your body that an implanted organ does. Adult stem cells however show great promise and are not rejected because they come from you. They can be altered to form a wide variety of tissues. If stem cell research is to succeed it will be with Adult stem cells because they work. The political left is really playing up Christopher Reeves's death to promote this subject however do not let them fool you. Even with fully funded embryonic stem cell research Christopher Reeves outcome would have been no different because a cure would not have been found in time, or even worse a cure could have been attempted and he would have died of a tumor on his spinal cord. One person I'm rather disappointed in is Ronald Reagan Jr. The son of former, and now the late president Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan, Jr. supports embryonic stem cell research and is as liberal as they come. For Mr. Reagan I would have this message:

Mr. Reagan. Your father was one of the greatest presidents in American history. His memory is that of an honest and Godly man who led this nation proudly and who loved it more than anything. You however sir dishonor his name. You sir should legally change your name because you go against everything the name Ronald Reagan represents. I'm quite sure your father would not have wanted to live with a cure that costs someone else their life, and like Mr. Reeves this research would not have helped. Your father may have very well been given a brain tumor instead of a cure. Your father's illness was not just the dying away of brain cells but also a break in their connections. New brain cells would not have helped. You sir are a disappointment to the name Ronald Reagan.

Friends please don't let the political left fool you into thinking they are right on this matter. They're lying to you for your vote. An embryo put to death for its stem cells has died in vein because those stem cells will not cure any disease and the adult that receives them will most likely end up with a tumor and die also.

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