Saturday, May 12, 2007


Due to the graphic nature of the following images I've placed them in links.
Click the images at your own risk.
It's come to my attention lately that the Democrats in DC have been trying hard lately to make partial birth abortion legal. Well what are the facts we know about abortion?

At 24 days the baby's heart starts to beat.
At 6-7 Weeks brain waves are detected.
At 21 Weeks the child can live outside the womb, although it requires intensive care.

Etc. Etc.

If the Liberal left were to have their way a child in the womb could be put to death at any stage as long as the child has not yet exited the womb alive. Personally I find that barbaric.

This is what an aborted child looks like at 9 weeks. Mind you the baby's heart was beating and it had brain waves.
(Image) Aborted baby at 9 weeks

However, what the liberals want now is to reverse the ban on partial birth, or late trimester abortions. There are two major methods of performing this act. The first, which was developed during the Nazi's durring World War II, involves injecting the uterus with salt water poisoning the child. It's interesting to note that during this procedure the child struggles until it dies. The salt usually burns the skin causing a reddish appearance. This method is not widely used anymore due to the fact that sometimes the baby survives.
Here is what a dead baby looks like after it's been killed in this manner:
(Image) Dead baby aborted with Salt Poisoning.

But, The method commonly used, and outlawed, to abort late term pregnancy involves delivering the child up to its neck, cutting a hole in the baby's skull and sucking out its brain.

The method in which the following child was killed is unknown, but if the liberals were to have their way the following image would be perfectly legal:
(Image) Dead baby. Aborted at 7 months.

Here is an image explaining the procedure of partial birth abortion:
(Image) Explaining partial birth abortion. Notice the dead child in the last pane.

Take a good look at these pictures. Can you honestly look at these pictures and tell me that this is a good idea? That this should be legal? That a woman should have the right to do this to her own child? That the images above are NOT of human beings? That these babies were NOT murdered? Think twice next time you cast a vote. If you vote for a liberal than this could be what you're voting for.