Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thanks to those responsible for bin Laden's death

Thank you Ronald Reagan for believing so much in and investing so much in special ops teams that made this victory possible today. Thank you George W. Bush for putting in place policies which gave us the intelligence necessary to find bin Laden's hiding place and having the courage to stand up and defend those policies when they weren't popular. Thank you President Obama for failing to end those policies so far even though you've been trying. Thank you for making the only decision any president in your situation could have possibly made. It wasn't gutsy, it was a no brainer. Thank you for riding the coat tails of these other great men and taking all the credit. We haven't forgotten how you tried to close Gitmo where this intel was acquired or tried to give miranda rights to terrorists captured on the battle field. Here's a hint, when you give them the "right to remain silent" they don't have to give you intel on where certain people are hiding. Had you been successful bin Laden may still be alive. And of coarse, thank you for the soldiers that actually put your life in danger to bring this evil man to justice. Not only to the team who actually did the job last Sunday, but also to all those who sacrificed their lives in battle, and time away from your families over the past 10 years.