Friday, March 06, 2009

Just a good man?

There are alot of people out there in the world today who will tell you that Jesus was not God, was not the Son of God, but WAS a good man. I say that is absurd. Either Jesus is who He says He is, or Jesus was insane. Think about it. How many people in history who claimed to be God are considered good people? People who claim to be God, but aren't, are not good people. If someone claims to be God, they are either God, or they are lying either from mental instability, personal greed, or both. So, as a wise man once said, you don't have the option to just respect Jesus as a "good man". You either accept Him as God, who came to earth in the flesh and died in our place to take the punishment for our sins, or dismiss Him as a man who thought He was God. I for one have found that you can take Jesus at His word for who he is. I encourage others to do so also.