Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Democrats don't care about you.

I think it's become more and more obvious lately that Democrat lawmakers and politicians don't care about you. Their policies are designed to look like they benefit the people on the surface, but they do not. They're designed to get people hooked on them, to create a dependency in order to insure those people continue to vote for them in every election. They are designed to get power and hold on to it. They don't care that you are stuck in the ghetto. They want you stuck in the ghetto. As long as you depend on them to provide the ghetto to you you will always vote for them. As long as you depend on them for your food stamps and your welfare check they can always count on your vote. They want you to depend on them. They want you to live in poverty. If you were to someday not need those things then you wouldn't need them. They have made themselves necessary. They don't care that you live in a high crime area. That just gives them more excuses to pass more laws to make themselves more necessary. They're vilifying rich people so you will be angry at them for being rich, but the rich people provide jobs. They want you mad at the rich to justify their policies of taking money from the rich and giving it to you. The rich then have less money to provide you with a job, and so you remain unemployed, and remain dependent on the government. And so you vote for them again, because they have made themselves necessary to you, but your life doesn't matter to them, only your vote.