Tuesday, October 12, 2004

First things First

Even though this isn't my first blog it's the first blog with a specific topic. I am a Christian. What does that mean? It does not just mean I believe there is a God. It does not just mean I go to church. It does not just mean I believe what the bible says. It does not just mean I do what Christians are suppose to do. All that is fine, but it's just religion. It means that I have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I have received the gift of Salvation which Christ payed for on the Cross. Anyone who has seen Mel Gibson's new movie can understand how he payed for it. But why? What was the point of such violence? Well it all starts in the beginning. The good old book of Genesis. God made 2 people. Adam and Eve. The world he made was perfect. There was no violence or terrorism. No one ever died, not even the animals. Everyone and every thing was vegetarian even. At least that was the original plan. God had also created angels which are His messengers for the purpose of ministering to us. One of these angels, who was pretty high on the latter of importance, decided he was big stuff. He decided he deserved to be God. God had to kick him out of heaven. See Heaven is perfect, no sin exist in Heaven, so God had to remove the sin from heaven. This angel's name was Lucifer, otherwise known as Satan or the Devil. Lucifer was not thrilled with God's decision to kick him out. He decided in his hatred for God to get back at him. Back on earth Adam and Eve were enjoying the paradise that God had created for them. In that time God had only one rule. To break this rule was a sin. Do not eat of the tree in the center of the garden. That's it, The only sin that existed. Why did God put the tree there with such a command? To give us a choice. God wants us to choose Him and not be mindless followers. Lucifer, taking the form of a serpent decided to trick Eve into eating of this tree. He was successful and in turn she shared the fruit with Adam. This was the beginning of sin. And once sin entered the earth it caused a downward spiral. God had to take away the "no one ever dies" thing for man and beast. Why? It wasn't just for punishment. It was so he could redeem us from sin. See He had a plan for removing our sins from us. That plan was Jesus. Jesus is God in human flesh. Jesus came to earth born to a virgin named Mary. His great plan was to come to earth and be born as a man and die in our place to take the punishment for our sins on himself. When he died on the cross he stood in your place. He took your sins upon himself. After 3 days of death in a tomb Jesus rose from the dead and again taught his deciples and eventually ascended into heaven. If God had not taken away the "no one ever dies" thing, this plan could not take place because Jesus would not have been able to die. Not only that, but crucifixion would have never been invented. How do you make this plan count for you? For starters just ask! Go to God in prayer and ask him to be your Lord and to save you. Tell him you Repent of your sins, which means you are willing to reject your sin and turn away. Tell him you believe in Jesus and who he is. This will be the first prayer that God will hear from you! Come to him just as you are. Make no worries about not being good enough, it doesn't matter. Whatever you've done and whatever you're in to it has already been payed for on the cross. There is no surprising God. No one is too bad to be saved. Even Saddam or Osama bin Laden could be saved if they chose to be. Jesus even took the punishment for their sins. This is the beginning of your life with the Lord. There will be ups and downs but the Lord will always be there.

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