Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I Modded a US NES machine to make the enhanced audio in some Japanese games audible. Here is a PDF explaining the whole project.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Many of my fellow Christians think it's unbecoming to go to Hooters to eat. Well I decided to go, for my first time, and have decided it's no big deal depending on your struggles. While it's probably not going to become a regular place to eat for me it wasn't bad. The waitress outfits are no more revealing than a once piece bathing suit. If you've ever been to a public pool then you've seen more skin than at hooters. The waitresses in the advertisements are models. They do not depict an accurate image of the waitresses at the actual restaurant who are mostly skinny and flat chested. You see more butt cheek than you do "hooters" which is why I compare their outfits to one piece bathing suits. The food, while limited in variety, is very good. The wings are excellent and I tried the philly cheese steak. It was good. I also tried their crab legs, also excellent.

If you feel uncomfortable and blush at a public pool then Hooters will be a big deal for you. But, otherwise it's not a problem. Get your food to go if you feel the outfits inappropriate. Go for the wings. They're great!

Friday, March 10, 2006


I would like to take time to address the theory of Evolution. And by that I mean Atheistic evolution, not those who believe God guided it. I don't believe in that either, but for the time being I will only be speaking of the Godless kind. I've heard many people who believe that the theory of evolution is unquestionable and is undeniably fact. The fact of the mater is in order for something to be scientific fact it has to be able to be tested. Because evolution can not be tested it can never be a fact. That means that you, like those who believe in God, must accept it as faith. Many people believe it is fact because many of the concepts which are associated with evolution are facts. These include natural selection, Adaptation, mutations including beneficial ones, selective breeding, etc. These concepts in no way rely on evolution to be facts. It is important when talking about evolution to correctly define the word. Every change that occurs in a lifeform is not evolution. Life forms do change. As I've said before mutations do occur. Evolution can only occur when those mutations result in a gain of NEW genetic information. We do not observe this in nature. Never have. All mutations, including beneficial ones always result in a loss of genetic information, or a rearranging of existing information. Never is there any new information. There may be MORE information, but that doesn't mean the information is new. If you copy a document you have more information, but you don't have any new information.
In other words what is actually happening is that life is devolving, not evolving. The very word evolve means an upward trend.

How about an example of natural selection involving a loss of information? Sure!
I'll give you two, one involving a loss via a mutation, one involving selective breeding.
There is a bird on the galapagos island which via a mutation has lost the genetic information to have large wings capible of flight. This means the bird now has smaller wings and is now a terrific swimmer. Food became scarce and the birds that could swim survived on fish while the birds that flew died out.
Natural selection occured. a mutation involving a genetic loss occured. But Evolution did not occur.

The next example is hypethetical. Imagine a pack of dogs. Some dogs have long hair and some dogs have short hair. They migrate to a region and that region suddenly becomes cold. The short haired dogs die out and eventually only long haired dogs survive the cold. There was no mutation, but there was a loss in genetic information. Natural selection occured. Selective breeding occured. But there was no evolution to be found.

I know while reading this example after example has popped in to your mind that you believe is proof of evolution. First be careful that you've correctly defined evolution and that this is not proof of one of these other concepts. And know that no matter what that example is there is probably an evolution free explaination.

Some have said that blind fish in a cave are evidence of evolution. But these fish have lost the ability to see. Evidence of evolution would be an animal gaining an entire new organ with a completely new function that never existed before. There is no example of that. Even in humans the vestigial organ count has dwindled to zero. There are organs we can live without, but all organs have a function, however small it may be.

Why then, if evolution can be so easily doubted and questioned do a large population of the scientific community as well as the everyday joe believe it's a fact? I'd say the everyday joe has heard it so long that he has just obsorbed it in to his life. But the reason behind it's popularity all boils down to faith. Atheism is a religion. A religion, as defined by the random house dictionary, is a system of beliefs which pertain to the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. They accept it because it explains their religion. It makes those who don't wish to believe in a God feel like their being intellectual.

I myself am not an expert on this matter however. For that you'll have to go here.
Feel free to ask questions and use their search function. Chances are your question has been answered before. They're an organization I've come to trust above others.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Middle East Conspiracy

I, along with my beloved wife, propose a theory as to what is really happening in the middle east.
Some say it's all about oil. May I say for a moment that they are correct, but America is not the bad guy. Let me paint a picture for you. Let me spell out a scenario in your mind.


Let's go back a few years to president Clinton. He gets on the phone with Saudi Arabia and makes a deal. He'll make sure no one will drill Alaska as long as they keep oil prices down so gas will be cheap. He'll simply pass an environmental bill making it too difficult. But, if they ever try to raise prices he'll simply get his all republican congress to pass a bill making it legal to drill there. They agree, and so therefore we are at the mercy of foreign oil. Then comes president Bush. Saudi Arabi reminds president Bush of the previous deal with President Clinton. Bush says no dice. America should not be at the mercy of foriegn oil and should be able to sustain itself. So he starts his plans to make America an oil independent country. Saudi Arabia was furious, but they would lose business if they retaliated with violence, so they call a meeting. A meeting including Suddam Hussien, Osama Bin Lauden, Iran and who knows who else. Saudi Arabia wants to hit us where it hurts but can not be linked to an attack for fear of losing our money. So their deal is made. Saddam Hussien will pay Osama Bin Lauden to plan the attack so it will not be linked to him, but first Saddam must send his nuclear material to Iran so it can be refined and will also not be linked to him. This is why we didn't find it in iraq! This is all to prepare for the master plan. And their master plan is?
To increase demand on gasoline by making Americans too afraid to fly. They will send their trained terrorists to hijack our own planes and crash them in to buildings. Now that American's are afraid to fly they will be driving everywhere, including very long trips, and Saudi Arabia can drive up oil prices. Not only will they be making more per barrel, but there will be a huge increase in demand. Saddam's incentive? The demand will be so high eventually we will need his oil too. But, unfortunatly for Saddam his part of the plan backfired.
The main jist of this theory is that all the middle eastern arab countries are working together. We are treating them as seperate when they are not. It's perfectly legit for us to be in Iraq. They WERE part of the problem. And in this theory they were central to the plan. Take them out and the whole plan falls apart. Now I know to some people you might as well say the Decepticons planned the whole thing before you expect them to believe this. But if you think with an open mind this theory is easily possible.

So I say the war is over oil, but, we aren't the bad guys. America's economy is dependent on oil. If things don't get shipped things don't get sold. If things don't get sold their prices go up. If their prices go up people will stop buying. And the cycle is endless. They used our dependency on their oil to their advantage. This is why President Bush wants us to no longer be at the mercy of foriegn oil. He does know things we don't.