Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Abortion is American Nazism

Abortion is a modern day, American form of what Nazi Germany did to the Jews.
In both cases you have a group of people who are considered less than human by another group.
In both cases you have a holocaust involving the murder of millions of these innocent people.
In both cases it's perfectly legal.
In both cases you have medical experiments being performed on them while disregarding whether or not those experiments are lethal.
In both cases there are survivors who will tell you how horrible it is.
In both cases you have a group of innocent people dying because of what they are.
In both cases the victims are unable to defend themselves.

Most people will never say that they hate babies and want them all to die like the Nazis did with the Jews back then, but yet the actions against the unborn in this country are the same actions taken against the Jews when Nazis ruled Germany. And in both cases it is justified with the excuse that they are less than human. America is a great nation. Far too good to resort to barbaric Nazism. And this is why we need to end the American holocaust of abortion. Because, we are guilty of the same attrocities as Nazi Germany.