Friday, October 31, 2008

The Burger King Steakhouse Mushroom Swiss

I sometimes go off topic with my blog. This is one of those times. I absolutely love Mushroom Swiss burgers. If they are at all offered at a burger place I'm eating at then it is what I get. So far Backyard Burgers and Hardee's are the best fast food Mushroom Swiss burgers I've tried. So naturally when Burger King had one I decided to try it. I don't know why. Burger King is NOT my favorite place to eat. But hey, it was a mushroom swiss, how bad could it be? I'm sorry to say it makes me gag just thinking about it. It was terrible. The meat patty was nasty. It was suppose to be an all Angus meat patty, but it tasted more like an all Anus meat patty. You couldn't even taste the mushrooms and swiss over the disgusting barbecue sauce they put on it. I didn't mind the french fried onions however.They would have been a nice touch to a decent mushroom swiss. It was by far the worst excuse for a mushroom swiss burger I've ever tried. And it was not exactly cheap. For what I payed for it I could have just gone to Backyard Burger and had a good mushroom swiss. Avoid Burger King's weak attempt at a mushroom swiss. It is quite simply a crap sandwich.