Thursday, March 15, 2007

DNA points to a creator

In the debate over origins there is no "proof" on either side because you can not test the past. However you can have evidence to point to your point of view. DNA Points to a creator. How? DNA contains information and is very complex. But it's not enough to simple say DNA has information and is complex. Anyone can randomly draw letters from a hat and eventually spell a word. But, That word is meaningless unless you speak english. Likewise the blueprints of DNA are useless unless they mean something. DNA has a "language". There are machinery in cells which know how to speak the language of DNA. They decode the blueprints in your DNA. However, The blueprints for building the machinery in your cells which read and decode DNA are encoded in your DNA. If you can't read the DNA then you can't build the machinery to read the DNA. To quote Answers in Genesis:

"DNA even contains the instructions to devise the cellular machinery to decode its instructions. Without a mechanism to decode the information, the DNA blueprint would be useless. Even if DNA had managed to evolve, as Egli believes, the decoding mechanism to read it would have had to evolve at precisely the same time. This scenario is impossible because the instructions for building the decoding unit are contained in the DNA itself."
From this article -

So yes, DNA does show striking evidence for a creator.