Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My first blog

Even thought I am skilled in the ways of the modern computer when I first heard the word Blog I was like, So what, it's just a web page?! Then I began reading some and decided to give it a try. I have a set of opinions that I believe are correct and believe this is a good way for me to express them. First you should know that I am a Republican and a Christian. I am a republican because I am a Christian. I can not in good conscience vote for a Democrat if he supports the premature destruction of Life in the womb or the immoral marrying of people of the same sex. I therefore must align myself with the party that most closely, however imperfectly, aligns itself with my own Christian values. That would currently be the Republican party. It just seems to me that the Democratic party leaches on to every issue that is immoral, indecent and incorrect and tries it's hardest to take the wrong side of it. I believe it is my Christian duty to vote for a President, or Governor, or other elected official who will take my Christian beliefs with him to office. It is almost a sin to vote for a man who will counter good Christian morals while in office. It's up to us not to put our country in the hands of the ungodly and that is why I am a republican. Do I believe democrats can't be Christians? Not at all! The Democratic party wasn't always such a depraved haven for liberals as Zell Miller is living proof. I'm not just a bible thumping stiff shirt who hates people who disagree with me. Not at all. This is America. As a friend of mine once said, "You have the right to be wrong." I couldn't agree more. There's much more about me that you will learn over the course of this blog I'm sure. Like the pets I own, the car I drive, my wonderful wife whom I adore!

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