Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Presidential Elections

The time has come for our country to select a leader once again. We can either keep the one we have, or choose someone else. But that someone else is my concern. It is my opinion that John F. Kerry is not fit to lead our country, and that his running mate, John Edwards is far from qualified to be Vice President, let alone President if something should happen to Kerry. Kerry's own words prove he has no idea what is going on in the world. His record shows him to be wrong a majority of the time. And his attendence record is just horrible. I think after puting his foot in his mouth a few times our allies will not favor him either. He has already belittled the Iraqi prime minister in front of the whole world questioning his honesty which is no way to win allies. No he has said that we need to no defeat terror, but reduce it to an "acceptible nuisance". How few people have to die before terrorist is not a threat but rather an "acceptible nuisance"? What is the number we have to reduce the amount of innocent lives taken to before the pain felt by their families is not pain but rather just an "acceptible nuisance"? Terrorism is not nor will it ever be just an "acceptible nuisance". At what point do we say, "oh well it's just another terrorist. They'll get him?" If it is not completely stopped and if freedom and liberty is not put in its place then terror has the potential to hold the world in fear and agony. Terror threatens freedom. That's twice Mr. Kerry has stuck his foot in his mouth on this campain about Terror and Iraq. No amount of flip flopping will make us forget these ignorant and outragous statements that this man has made. This man isn't fit to lead a boy scout troup let alone the USA. Now about edwards. The man has no experience, has made the same lies and mistaken claims as Kerry and is right behind him in every flip flop there is to make. I fear for our nation if Kerry is somehow elected and then dies. If Edwards were to take office as our president we'd be in serious trouble.

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