Friday, November 20, 2009


I ran into a conflict of logic recently. There are those who have decided that since God does not prevent an act of evil that resulted in the death of innocent people that He is not worthy to be believed in. Yet these same people believe in a "higher power". How is it logical to say since God did not prevent an act of evil you'll make up a "god" to believe in who also did not prevent the act of evil? Your "higher power" god didn't prevent the evil either. What makes this "higher power" better than the true God if, by your own standards, he should have prevented the evil?
However, the God who is God died on the cross to pay for your sins, your "higher power" god did not. The God who is God has mercy to forgive your sins, your "higher power" god does not since he is your invention and has no authority over sin. The God who is God has revealed himself in His word. Your "higher power" god is still a mystery, and will remain one because he is an idol. The God who is God spoke and the universe leaped in to existence. Your "higher power" god can't speak.

Which god has the upper hand?

Evil is not God's fault. Blaming God for evil is the same as blaming Chevy for your wreck when you decided to drive head on into a brick wall. Yeah they made the car, but you were warned that driving in to a wall would not end well. In the same way God warned mankind that sin was bad. God's original creation contained no sin, death, or evil. Because we disobeyed we introduced sin, death and evil into the world. Even when we were sinless and only had one rule to follow we couldn't get it right. God knew we'd sin, but he was willing to become a man and die to take the punishment. In a way, even though evil is not God's fault, he still took responsibility for it and died on the cross. He did so because despite the existence of evil He is a loving God who paid a price we could not afford on our own. Jesus, an innocent man, died a violent death on our behalf, because He is a loving God. Your anonymous "higher power" remains anonymous.