Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why has the Democratic party become the party of minorities?

First and foremost I am NOT a racists. I think the whole notion that one group of people is superior to another because of a physical trait is ignorant and ridiculous.
I'm writing this because there seems to be a paradox in the political world. That paradox is that now days African-Americans and other minorities tend to vote Democrat, when historically the Republican party has been the ones to rally behind civil rights and really be on their side. Even the first African-American President is a Democrat. This is an historical paradox.
Abraham Lincoln, the president that freed the slaves, was a Republican. The first African-American Senator, Hiram Revels, was a Republican. The first African-American Congressman, Joseph Rainey, was a Republican. Martin Luther King was a Republican. It was Democrats that passed the Jim Crow laws. Democrats founded the KKK. Martin Luther king had to fight against Democrats who stood in the doorways of a schoolhouse and turned a firehose on African-Americans who were trying to get in to get an education. It was Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican, who passed the Civil Rights act of 1957 and appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren that lead to the desegregation of schools. It was Republicans that added the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the constitution giving African-Americans freedom, citizenship, and the right to vote. It was Democrat Woodrow Wilson who in 1912 kicked all African-Americans out of Federal Government jobs. In 1967 Democrat President Johnson, in anger, once referred to Dr. King as "That N!gg3r Preacher".
When one studies the history of this country one sees that it has been the Republicans, not the Democrats that have been on the side of freedom and equality for African-Americans and other minorities.
But, have times changed? Are the Republicans now the racists and not the Democrats? Not at all!
Republicans believe that everyone is created equal. Republicans of all races want African-Americans and other minorities to succeed in life because we know they are capable, intelligent human beings. We want to work next to them and live next to them. We want them to get educations, because we know they can. We want them to have good paying jobs that they can be proud of. Yes we want to them to earn a living and be respectable, because we know they can succeed.
Alternatively the Democrats want to give them handouts, tell them they can't do any better, and stick them in the corner of town that no one else wants to even pass through, let alone live. When you're in the corner of town that no one else wants, Democrats don't have to look at you.
Now tell me which is more racist?