Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Science in the bible

There is reference to a medical condition in the bible what would have gone unnoticed for the past 2000 years because until now it was not possible to know about it.
Read Mark 8:22-26
This passage tells of Jesus healing a blind man. When he first heals the blind man he says he can't see very clearly. That people look like trees walking. Now until modern times that didn't mean much. But, because of modern medical science we can infact repair the human eye and cure blindness. People who have never seen in their lives will have a condition known as Agnosia. This condition exists because the pathways in the brain have not grown to accommodate vision. Their brains have never "learned" to see.
When Jesus first healed this blind man he very briefly suffered from Agnosia. Then Jesus healed his Agnosia and the man could see clearly. It would have been impossible for Mark to have known about Agnosia when he wrote this account because 2000 years ago blindness could not be cured by medical science. The full meaning of this passage is only clear in modern times. This suggests that the bible is true.

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