Friday, April 20, 2007

Why is Hell forever.

A very good question some people ask is why Hell is forever. They wonder why God can't just send them there for a little while and then let them out, or why their penalty has to be so harsh. In a previous blog we covered that when we sin, even a small sin, we aren't just being penalized for lying or stealing, but for disobeying the perfect word of God. God is infinite. God's word is infinite. Therefore, if we disobey his word then the penalty is infinite. Even though we are not infinite we still owe an infinite debt. Therefore we must pay for it infinitly. That is, forever. But the good news is that because Jesus IS God He was able to pay the infinite debt in your place once for all. The debt is payed in full by the only one able to pay an infinite debt. His love was willing to pay that debt! Come to him today, tell him you repent (turn away) from your sins and ask him to be your Lord (master) and Savior and to forgive your sins because He has payed the sin debt!

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