Thursday, April 19, 2007

The parable of the parachute

Kirk Cameron gets the credit for this one.

There was once a man on an air plane. A stewardess tells the man he needs to wear a parachute. When the man asks why she tells him that if he puts on the parachute it will make his flight better. The man doesn't understand why wearing a parachute will make his flight better but puts the parachute on anyway. He instantly realizes that he can't sit up straight in his seat. All the other passengers are laughing at him for wearing this parachute and the stewardess who told him about the parachute comes by and spills hot coffee all over him. Angry and bitter about the parachute the man stands up and yells, "I thought you said this would make my flight better!!??!!" and throws it off.

A few rows down another stewardess gives another man a parachute. She tells him that he needs to wear the parachute because the plane is going to crash and in any moment he will have to jump. The man puts on the parachute. Even though he can't sit up straight in his seat and all the other passengers laugh at him he clings to his parachute. Even after the stewardess spilled hot coffee all over him he still clung tightly to his parachute because he knew it was his only hope to survive the coming doom. In fact he was greatful for the parachute and looked forward to the end of his flight.

Many people become disapointed with the Christian life because they were told they needed Jesus because Jesus would make their life better but t, and surely he does give us abundant life! But, after they become saved they're faced with hard times or hateful church people who "spill hot coffee" on thier hearts. But, we do not become saved to get a better life. We do so to survive the fall. All of the apostles were either killed or exiled for their faith, but their joy came from knowing that Jesus loved them and saved them from the fall.

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