Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Affordable Care Act.

People are actually complaining because the new administration and congress is seeking to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This law has been an absolute disaster. It has not made health care more affordable. It has increased the cost of healthcare for millions of Americans.

I'm divorced now, but before the ACA was passed I was not. My employer provided a great plan through Blue Cross/Blue Shield that included vision and dental. My employer could afford this plan without any problems, then the ACA was crammed down our throats. Eventually that plan started including a deductible I didn't have before on name brand prescription medication. This is something my ex-wife depended on. Every year we had to purchase her name brand medication (that had no generic) a week at a time until the deductible was met. Finally the plan became too expensive for my employer to afford, and he switched us to a little, unknown company that didn't have their act together. That was a nightmare. Finally, because that company was so terrible we went with a Humana plan. This plan had a huge deductible and no vision or dental. Let me also point out that none of these plans after the Blue Cross/Blue Shield covered her trips to her pain doctor, and we had to change pharmacies. I now have changed plans again, but the reasons are unrelated to the ACA.

My parents who are retired have a similar problem. They had to pay musical doctors and pharmacies, and being retired they're having a very hard time affording the plan they are forced by law to buy.

And now comes my current fiancee who has fallen through the cracks of the ACA. She did not make enough money to qualify for assistance through the ACA, nor did she make enough to be required to purchase a plan. Even if she had been required to purchase one it would have been way out of her  ability to afford one.  Her employer also did not provide any health insurance. Now she is uninsured, can't work, and has a life threatening disease that requires surgery that she can not afford. The ACA has failed her.

These are my personal experiences with the failure that is the ACA, but if it is such a failure why are people freaking out about it being repealed? It's because they are afraid they are going to lose the plan they have purchased through the market place. You see, with every liberal program that is sold to the public as something that's supposed to help people, it's almost never about helping people. People had insurance before the ACA. It's about making you dependent on the government. You are  now required to go to the marketplace and buy a policy through the government. You now depend on the government to provide that service. Now that you are dependent on the government to provide that service you will fear politicians who will want to remove that government service, so you vote the other way, usually for the politicians who established, or are for that service.
That's all these government programs are designed to do. They are power plays. They are designed to keep them, and their colleagues in power by making you dependent on them to the point of fearing the loss of that dependency. It was never about helping people, it was about helping themselves.
The ACA was designed to make you dependent on the government and then to fail so they could come in with even more liberal, socialist policies that would make you even more dependent on the government, and make you even more fearful of losing those programs. The ACA should have never been passed.

I said this in a previous blog, and I will say it again. The government does not care about you. Government programs are not there to help you. They're there to help them by keeping them in power by exploiting your fear of losing those government programs. That is a common theme of liberalism, and socialism. You become so dependent on the government that you fear living without them.  Eventually you will be so afraid you will be willing to compromise anything, including your freedom, to keep that which you are depending on to survive. These politicians know you will not normally give up your freedoms, so this is how they chip away at you until you become willing. They make themselves necessary, make you dependent on them, and exploit your fear of losing them.

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