Thursday, November 04, 2004

The future energy source for automobiles.

As an owner and lover of old cars I am not going to be quick to replace my internal combustion engine any time soon. I don't believe I'm alone in this. There are many who depend on them and who can't afford to replace them. There are also many who have fairly new vehicles they've invested a lot of money in. So while technologies like hydrogen fuel cells sound great, I just don't think they'll catch on fast enough. My solution? I think we need to shift towards a synthetic gasoline that will burn in an existing, unaltered gas engine. This is not impossible. The technology already exists. We just need to make it better. If we could make gasoline by synthetic means and make it cheaper, the price at the pump would go down and it would catch on quickly. I even see the potential for cheap high-octane fuel from this. I know I'm a conservative but you can't deny that some day the oil is going to run out and terrorists are going to make it hard to get it from them. Environmentalists are making it difficult to drill in Alaska, which would relieve the burden of foreign oil. This is a way people can keep their cars, for whatever reason they prefer and we can still make gasoline cheaper right here in America.

By the way, here's my old car :

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Ted Goldberg said...

where are the instructions to make synthetic gasoline? I beleive it might be possible to make it a cottage industry, where people who are handy could build stills much the same as used to create whiskey but with the correct ingredients make small amounts of gasoline for personal use. Am I crazy, or is this possible?